about us


We are Clixlogic We practice “Honest” way-of-working in all of our key processes & interaction with suppliers & customers

We believe in “Quickly” providing products & services for UPS, Egen, Area Automation Systems for AC, Lights, AV, &, other electronics items.

We promise the “Reliability” of our products & services with numerous standby service units, extended 12 month warranty coverage, &, quality nationwide, corrective & preventive maintenance delivery.


We Clixlogic serve The following:

Business process outsourcing companies (BPO), Online Gaming, and other business with 24/7 operations.

Semicon & Electronics Manufacturing Industries.

Retail Chain Outlets with Point of sale (POS) terminals.



We supply; UPS, Egenset, PQB, Close circuit television (CCTV) units.

We Design & Install; Automation Systems for Lights, AV, AC, UPS, CCTV, systems for Energy Efficiency & Business Improvement requirements.

We deliver after sales corrective & preventive maintenance needs for; UPS, Egen, PQB, CCTV, Automation System Endpoints.

We offer Consultation, & Advise to the end-user during client’s pre-order & specification phase .

We assist the suppliers to complete product &/or service delivery at the soonest possible time & guide the customer in commissioning the product/ system.

We monitor the system & update the customer when maintenance services are needed.


Clixlogic more than just power

We intend to provide Quality Goods & Service and help our customers attain sustainable Energy Conservation and Business Excellence.

We shall provide equal opportunities for our staff, contractors and other stakeholders .


Clixlogic Vision Statement

Clixlogic, shall be the preferred provider for Systems Integration, Design / Install, After Sales Services, &, Products for..

UPS Egen PQB CCTV Power Automation Business Improvement Manufacturing Control ICT System Endpoints

Growing into a 500M sales in 3 to 5 years.To BPOs, Online Gaming, Electronics/Semicon Manufacturing, Retail POS Service, and others.