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Service centers usually wait for a call from a potential customer. We, however, have sales teams that actively call and visit potential clients. We constantly convince clients to reuse their small UPS units for these are not “disposable”. In most cases, they CAN still be repaired. Our promotion entitled ‘Piso Lang Ang Repair’ jumpstarted our sales. Other promotions entitled ‘May ESP na ba ang APC mo?’ took us to greater heights. We also have hundreds of service units ranging from 300 VA up to 60 KVA. At least three thousand batteries on stock complement these UPS’s at any time. Lastly, we have a nationwide reach to enable a minimal downtime on affected equipment.

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We are active members of the IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPA/P), Cebu Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Computer Businesses in Mindanao.

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