Energy Efficiency Solutions

Measure, Manage, Master: Energize your Business by Turning Data into Excellence.


  • Unmanaged Energy Consumption
    • This leads to high operational costs, Inefficient Operation, Competitive Disadvantage as well as Negative Environmental Impact.
  • Site and Asset Security
    • No immediate access or visibility for those utilizing the equipment. Prone to data breach, Intellectual property theft as well as physical theft, and vandalism that can lead to operational disruption
  • Maintain Optimum Temperatures
    • It causes People Discomfort, Decreased Productivity, Health Issue as well as Workplace conflict. Not optimized temperature will result to equipment overheating and malfunctions.
  • Airflow and Cooling System
    • Improper airflow and cooling induce Consumer/Employee Dissatisfaction, Increased absenteeism, and worst case damage to critical equipment.
  • Site Downtime
    • This can be avoided by doing routine checks and maintenance. Downtime can lead to loss customer loyalty, negative reviews and damage to business reputation

Solution Features & Benefits

  • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
    • This can offer several advantages for various business industries such as Preservation of Goods and Products for Food and Pharmaceutical, Quality Control in Manufacturing, Equipment Maintenance, Data Center Management, Health and Safety and Regulatory Compliance.
    • Ensures precise temperature needed in a certain area depending on the occupancy to lessen energy consumption
  • Indoor Monitoring
    • It provides health and well-being to people in the vicinity. Can detect pollutants in advance to have informed decision-making for businesses and communities.
  • Smart Energy Meters
    • Real-time and Accurate data on energy consumption allows businesses to monitor usage patterns and identify peaks for data-driven decision-making. Analyzed data can be used for predictive maintenance and optimizing energy use in a smooth working operation.
  • People Counting
    • This caters to numerous industries in different use cases, Retail stores can produce people analysis to optimize marketing strategies, enhance customer experience and identify peak hours. Office Buildings can use this to develop office layouts, Adjust Resource allocation, and Improve the efficiency of the environment and office space.
    • A tool to monitor exact occupancy in a certain area and to set optimal temperature to reduce energy use.
  • Infrared Blaster for Control
    • It allows you to take control, automate and, set smart schedules on your devices such as air conditioning units and air quality monitoring from one central dashboard for a more efficient energy usage.
  • Data Analysis
    • To accurately spot loopholes in the operation.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
    • Based on energy conservation efforts
  • Data Validation
    • In comparison to other measuring methods
  • Operational Cost Reduction
    • Energy Efficiency and proper optimization can reduce electricity expense
  • Carbon Emission Reduction
    • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions is a way to upgrade corporate social responsibility