Clix AirCheck

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance or ESC is increasingly becoming top of mind for companies.

Companies focus on finding solutions to ESG issues that affect the environment and human beings.

DTI-DOLE Interim Guidelines on Workplace Prevention and Control of Covid-19 also require companies to protect and monitor the safety of employees and the work environment.

Employees’ health and productivity can be affected by poor indoor quality.

Poor indoor air quality causes loss of cognitive abilities; sick building syndrome; allergic reactions; fatigue; headache; and eyes and throat irritation.

We help companies ensure that these adverse reactions are prevented while complying with DOLE regulations.

CLIX AIRCHECK reduces the risk of COVID-19 transmission or air pollutants affecting the workplace by providing real-time insights on indoor air quality.

It is a complete and advanced indoor monitoring system that enables companies to immediately protect their employees and the workplace.

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