Resilient Connectivity Solutions

Don’t Settle. You Deserve More.

To ensure a well-functioning working environment in the face of disruption is critical. Maintaining seamless connectivity is now possible with our High-grade industrial routers and Handheld satellite phones.

Consumer Pain Points

  • Fiber Cuts
    • Unexpected break in optical fibers
  • Congestion, Lagging, Weak Coverage
    • Network nodes can’t cope with the data packet traffic
  • Inconsistent
    • Network connectivity affected by inclement weather
  • Poor Security
    • Disruption to operation, Direct theft of data, and Reputational Damage
  • Multiple, Moving & Remote Location
    • Restricted to wired network setup, Weak connection in remote areas
  • Low Bandwidth
    • Data transfer takes an ample amount of time due to network speed
  • No Redundancy
    • It takes hours of downtime for the entire network ascribed to a single device failure
  • Unutilized backup Internet Connection
    • A backup connection will only add cost and never been used until the primary connection fails

Solution Features & Benefits

  • Backup Connectivity
    • Robust connectivity to mission-critical network ecosystem
  • Reliability
    • Reduce Downtime with reliability up to 99.9%
  • Wide Coverage
    • Provide Coverage even in Unserved Areas
  • High-level Industrial Security
    • Provide IT Security
  • Bandwidth Management
    • In control of download and upload speed limits for selected network interfaces
  • Flexible Packages according to your needs
    • Solution packages are customizable for the right application
  • Remote Management System
    • The simplest way to provide robust LTE connection to networking infrastructure
    • The connection can be managed remotely
    • Statistically displayed device activities
    • Can be used through local or Cloud Based
  • Maximize Backup Internet Connection
    • Bundles individual internet links together so they act as a single logical link
    • Equipped with SANE (Simple Aggregation with Networks) that provides ultimate stability between different WAN interfaces and Providers