Kick E-Scooter Tracker Easy

Sophisticated solution for electric kick scooter sharing platforms

Data reading from the scooters ECU

Remote lock/unlock feature

Firmware and configuration update via FOTA

Classifies the degree of protection against solid objects and water

Segway ES2/ES4/Max, Xiaomi M365 and FitRider Kick E-Scooters support

Wide power supply voltage range for integration variety (8-50 V)


Teltonika TST100 is a kick e-scooter tracking device with integrated GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity, designed for sharing applications. TST100 enables the possibility to read information from kick e-scooters ECU and control them remotely. Currently supported models are Segway ES4 & MAX, Xiaomi M365, Fitrider T2, with more to be added in the future. High ingress protection rating (IP65) ensures safe outside usage in various weather conditions.