A portable auto-pointing satellite broadband terminal

High-Speed Streaming Capabilities

Unmatched IP streaming speeds up to 384kbps, peaking at 444kbps

Asymmetric Streaming

Adjustable upload and download speeds, saving costs with asymmetric streaming

Operates While Stationary or on the move

Place Thuraya MCD Voyager on top of a rock under an open sky, and turn it on for quick response.

Plug & Play

Auto-pointing Thuraya satellite terminal, creating a quick Wi-Fi hotspot within a 100-meter range in less than a minute


Thuraya MCD Voyager is a ‘Mobile Communications Device’ that delivers superior mobility without compromising connectivity. The MCD Voyager integrates the high-performance Thuraya IP Voyager into a ruggedized self-contained, auto-pointing satellite broadband terminal.

Thuraya MCD Voyager comes with a click-and-go feature. Operated by a single button, it connects with the Thuraya network and automatically establishes a Wi-Fi internet hotspot for any wireless device within a 100-meter range.

Designed to be operated by anyone, with no training or certification necessary, the Thuraya MCD Voyager terminal boasts IP broadband speeds of up to 444kbps while stationary or on the move.