Thuraya Push-To-Talk – PTT

Seamless Connectivity

Availability at all time

Uninterrupted and seamless switching between satellite, cellular and LAN

256-bit AES Voice encryption

Limited bandwidth needed for each PTT call


The Thuraya Push-to-Talk (PTT) solution is a global intercom system designed for robust, reliable, and seamless voice communication across vast distances. Operating on Thuraya’s extensive L-band satellite network, it allows for instantaneous communication at the push of a button, enabling users to create talk groups with coverage anywhere within Thuraya’s footprint.

The Thuraya PTT is suitable for various mission-critical applications such as disaster response, defense, security, and remote field operations, providing an effective communication tool where terrestrial networks are unreliable or non-existent. Its robust design ensures resilience to harsh environments, making it an essential tool for maintaining connectivity in challenging conditions.