CLIXLogic, Inc. is proud to announce that we are ranked as one of the Philippines’ Growth Champion in 2022 by Philippine Daily Inquirer and Statista.

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Developing reliable, easy-to-integrate, intelligent building blocks that enable business and industrial IoT. Our large and open platform allows you to choose best-of-in-breed automation with total confidence. Maximized potential, new markets, cost savings, increased efficiency. Product solutions that enable high availability, reduced repairs, and unparalleled productivity.

Transforming the Technology Universe

We, like you, are continually listening, discovering, and changing as a company. And our technology is just one example of how we listened to your suggestions and came up with solutions you’ll love.

Typhoon Odette cut off telco lines in wide areas in Cebu, Bohol, Leyte and, Siargao.

Satellite phones come in handy so that local government units and businesses can immediately report critical situations in their respective locations.

First responders can use the information from the ground to prepare what they need for rescue and recovery efforts.

Call/Text/Viber Sales at +639285247074 or email us at [email protected] for more information and deployment of our Thuraya Marinestar, XTLite Satellite phones, Thuraya IP+ Thuraya SIM Cards and backup power devices.



The internet has become an integral part of our lives, enabling us to work, play and stay connected. However, a strong and reliable connection is not always guaranteed – especially with the differences between telcos that provide dissimilar services. Fortunately, Clixlogic’s Charlie Fernando was recently featured on DZRH’s Negosyo ATBP radio program to discuss how the company can help create a robust and dependable internet connection by combining services from different internet service providers.

Empowering ICT

We create and design solutions to take full advantage of next‑level performance and custom technologies. And with incredible efficiency, your operations can maintain small and lightweight resources, making it as efficient as it is compelling.


Return to Work Integrated Systems

Air Quality Systems are needed to ensure that the working environment is safe for any potential hazard of contamination and prevention of disease spreading.

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Work From Home Solutions

The Work from Home (WFH) industry is evolving and making profound changes in our lives. The rising effectiveness of our work-from-from-home system has paved the way for more workforce availability, schedule and work-hour flexibility, and benefits your company with the lowest costs for operations.

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Disaster Mitigation

After the catastrophic impact of a fire, storm, or natural catastrophe, Mitigation Solutions is your turn-key resource for restoring your property to pre-loss conditions.

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Resilient and Uninterruptible Connectivity

For wireless networks, laptops, game consoles, and other devices in your home or office, our dependable power backup provides assured electricity and surge protection. Battery backup is provided during power outages and dangerous voltage swings, as well as protection from destructive pulses and spikes. They come in ‘tower’ or ‘floor’ models, and with a range of standard features, they’re the ideal way to secure your data while staying connected.

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Data Centers

A data center is a complex that houses an organization’s collective IT operations and resources in order to store, process, and distribute data and applications. Data centers are essential to the continuation of daily tasks because they store an organization’s most critical and confidential materials. As a result, data center security and reliability, as well as the details they provide, are among every organization’s highest priorities.

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